BlockBlueLight's 2021 Holiday Gift Guide

BlockBlueLight's 2021 Holiday Gift Guide

It’s that time of the year again! Finding the perfect gift for everyone special in your life can be tricky. You might be scratching your head and wondering how you can be thoughtful with your gifts and buy your loved ones something handy.

To make your life easier, we're giving a guide with a varied and inspired selection of gift ideas which aims to make Christmas shopping personal, thoughtful and considerate. Let’s have a look at our wide range of products and see what best suits your loved ones.

1.  Computer Glasses and Gaming Glasses for Daytime Use

If you’re thinking about what to buy for that one person in your life who's always glued to the computer screen or suffers from headaches due to prolonged screen use, blue light glasses will definitely come in handy and make their workdays so much easier.

Don’t worry, if the person you have in mind already has glasses. You can always buy them a fitover and clip-on glasses with blue light protection. This gift will protect their eyes and fit perfectly in their Christmas stocking!

●     Screentime computer glasses (clear lens)

Working long hours on the computer can leave you feeling tired, moody and drained out. ScreenTime Computer Glasses are perfect to help out your loved one or a dear friend relieve these symptoms.


clear lens blue light glasses

They are specifically designed to permit good light for better alertness, mood stability, brain activity, and optimal health, whilst protecting your eyes from harmful blue light.


●     Daymax glasses (yellow lens)

The ideal gift for gamers and geeks! DayMax Glasses are next level when it comes to protection against blue light during the daytime.  If you can’t get your kid to take a break from hours of gaming, these glasses are an ideal gift to protect their health.


yellow lens blue light glasses

Daymax Glasses protect their eyes and prevent symptoms like migraines, eye strain, anxiety and low mood. If you hear someone complaining about these symptoms, it’s a good indication that they need protection against artificial blue light. Getting them a pair of Daymax Glasses will surely come in handy and be greatly appreciated!


2.  Blue Light Blocking Glasses For Night

Do you and your partner love to watch Netflix in the evening? Or perhaps they’re always working late on their laptops or scrolling through social media before going to bed? Blue light blocking glasses for night time are a great gift idea to protect their eyes from harmful blue light exposure.

If your partner or a dear friend complains about low sleep quality and struggles to fall asleep, nighttime blue light glasses can help relieve these symptoms and improve their quality of sleep. For those who already wear glasses, you can surprise them with fitover and clip-on glasses that match their style.


●     Sundown glasses (amber lens)

SunDown Glasses are best worn 2-3 hours before going to bed for optimal results. The amber lens blocks 100% of blue light, and is ideal for people who prefer a lighter amber tint to allow more colour perception in the evening hours.

amber blue blockers


●     Nightfall glasses (red lens)

If you’re looking for the most powerful lens with 100% blue light protection, we’ve got you covered. Our NightFall range also blocks 100% of green light up to 550nm. If your partner or family member struggles with insomnia, Nightfall Glasses can help them a great deal to resolve this problem.

blue blocking glasses


3.  The BioLight Full Spectrum light

Does your mum or wife complain about not having enough light in the house? Check out our BioLight full spectrum light bulb as a thoughtful and useful holiday gift to brighten up their day! BioLight works with the world’s first biological friendly lighting technology with three modes to provide optimal lighting all day and night.

full spectrum light bulb


  • Full spectrum day mode: brings the outdoors inside as it replicates the visible sunlight and helps you maintain a positive mood, stable energy, and a sense of wellbeing.
  • Low blue mixed mode: provides a warm low blue light option so you can dim the light as the sun is going down.
  • No blue light mode: 100% no blue light for after sunset which promotes better sleep.

BioLight is easy to use. To switch between the three modes, all you need to do is turn the light off and on at the light switch. This will initiate a mode change so you don’t need any remotes or WIFI controls. It’s as simple as that.

We also have the BioLight available as a recessed downlight 


4.  Book Lights 

Trying to think of the best Christmas gift for the bookworm in your life? Book-loving friends seem easy to shop for, as the most obvious thing to go for is a book. But if you want to step up your game and surprise them with a unique gift, try out our interesting range of Book Lights which are blue light free for better sleep quality.

●     NoBlue Amber Book Light

The NoBlue Book Light is perfect for those who like to read in bed before going to sleep. It’s a rechargeable amber book light that is 100% blue light free. It clips perfectly to books, notepads and e-readers, and you can adjust it to the exact position you want with 360-degree flexibility.

amber book light

NoBlue Light is lightweight and perfect for traveling and camping thanks to its rechargeable battery with up to 30 hours runtime. It has three different brightness settings, so you can adjust it to your preference and utilize it anywhere you need.

●     Twilight Red Light Book Light

If your partner likes to read at night and struggles to fall asleep, the Twilight Red Light Book Light is a thoughtful holiday gift which will definitely come in handy. It is free from blue light and green light, so whoever uses it can enjoy a relaxing evening, free from any sleep-disrupting light.

red light book light

5.  Lamps

Wondering what useful gift you can buy to your partner who likes to read in bed before falling asleep? Our Blue light free lamps might be the ideal holiday gift, so your partner can stay reading next to you without disrupting your sleep!

●     NoBlue Amber Sleep Lamp

The NoBlue Amber Sleep Lamp is portable and rechargeable, and provides a warm light 100% blue light free to help you get a restful sleep. The brightness can be adjusted to three settings with a touch sensor control. Cool feature right?


amber sleep lamp

The Amber Sleep Lamp is perfect for those who work late into the night as it doesn’t inhibit melatonin so it doesn’t disrupt your sleep cycle. This lamp would be a useful and efficient gift as it’s portable, rechargeable and can run for 9 hours on the battery. You can also plug it into a standard USB charger to keep it charged.


●     Twilight Red Light Sleep Lamp

For full blue light and green light protection, you can go for our Twilight Red Light Lamp. It’s super efficient as it’s portable, rechargeable, and features three brightness settings with a touch sensor control. The Red Light Sleep Lamp can be used for up to 10 hours on battery, or you can plug it via a USB charger to keep it fully charged while working at night.


red light lamp

6.  Motion Lights

We all have that friend or family member who’s scared of sleeping in the dark at night. Our range of blue light free Motion Lights can be the perfect gift for them as it resolves their issue and promotes a good night sleep.

●     NoBlue Amber Motion Night Light

The NoBlue Motion Night Light gives a warm ambience with its amber light source that is 100% blue light free so it doesn’t disrupt your sleep. You can switch it on, off, or use the “AUTO” setting where the motion sensor will turn on the light in darkness when you pass within 4m of the light. 

amber motion light

The motion night light has a 3M magnet attached on the back, so you can stick it to the wall, or hang it on the wall from its hanging attachment. The battery is rechargeable and stays for up to 7 hours so you can use it throughout the whole night.

●     Twilight Motion Red Night Light

If you are looking for a night light which is completely blue light and green light free, try out our Red Light Motion Night Light. It provides optimal night-time light that is 100% blue and green light free. If you choose the “AUTO” setting, it will automatically switch on if you walk within 4m of it, or you can put it on all night, and switch it off during the morning.


red light motion light

When using Twilight Motion Light you can feel reassured that you will get a good night sleep while having a dim light to help you see if you wake up at night. You can use it for 7 hours straight, and you can recharge the battery once it’s used up. Just like the Amber Motion Night Light, you can also attach it to the wall or use the magnet at the back.

7.  Plugin Red Night Light

This can be a perfect gift for your friend, colleague or family member who has young kids. Red Night Lights are ideal for nursery rooms and can be used as kids’ night lights. These can be used after sunset to remove all blue light from the environment and ensure a good night rest.


red night light

Red Night Light Plugs are great for kids who are afraid of the dark. These nightlights have a built-in on/off switch so you can leave these plugged in. The light emitted from the red light bulb is completely blue light free, so it promotes good sleep quality while giving you enough light to see in the dark. The single pack comes with 1 x wall socket nightlight lamp with on/off switch and 2x LED red light bulbs.


8.  Deluxe Delta Sleep Mask

We all know how a good night's sleep is essential for your health and wellbeing. If your loved one or a dear family member works night shifts, they might struggle even more to have a good night sleep.

Our Deluxe Delta Sleep Mask can do wonders to those who are super sensitive to light. This helps them keep a pitch-black sleeping environment, and blocks all the light pollution surrounding them. Even a tiny amount of light can disrupt melatonin and negatively impact our sleep. So having pure darkness helps to get a deep sleep and REM sleep.


light blocking sleep mask


Don’t worry about the size and fit. Our Delta Sleep Mask has an adjustable non-slip headband with micro velcro that keeps the mask in place all night. The eye pieces are adjustable, so they can be positioned and adjusted to different face shapes to ensure a 100% blackout and a comfortable fit.

9.  Red Light Therapy Panels

If you really want to show your dearest one how much you care about their health and wellbeing, our Red Light Therapy Collection can help you demonstrate it this holiday season.

Red Light Therapy has over 4000 published medical studies which scientifically prove the effect of red light therapy panels and devices. You can help your special someone with the below health issues with red light therapy:

  • better sleep quality
  • heal skin injuries & reduce fine lines
  • deal with depression and anxiety
  • help with neurological disease
  • encourage fat loss
  • enhance strength and endurance
  • combat autoimmune conditions
  • fight hair loss

Red Light Therapy provided by our panels and devices offers an effective therapeutic technique that delivers red low-level light wavelengths to skin and cells without harmful UV rays, heat, or side effects.

Take a look at our range of Red Light Therapy collection to see which will be the best gift for your significant other:

Specific Area Devices

  • Portable & Mini 200 - Our own designed and manufactured red light panels are the most powerful portable red light devices available at an affordable price! These units are perfect for red light facials, rapid repair and reducing fine lines!
red light therapy

They’re easy to travel with so you can take them anywhere with you to continue red light therapy. The Portable unit is 15cm x 10cm x 3.5cm and provides 60W of power, while the Mini 200 unit is 24.5cm x 14cm x 3cm with 200 watts of targeted power.

Half Body Devices

  • Mid 500 - This is our standard medium panel which provides 500 watts of targeted red light and infrared light. The unit is 48cm x 21cm x 7cm with ultra low EMF just like all our red light therapy panels to ensure that the devices do not cause any harm in other ways.
  • Pro 750 - Our largest medium panel providing 750 watts of targeted red light and infrared light. The Pro 750 has an integrated digital control panel so you can set your session time and switch between the red and near infrared, or both.

Full Body Devices

  • Max 1000 - This is our standard full body panel with 1000 watts of targeted red light and infrared light. The modular design gives you full customization along with multiple configurations so you can modify your setup as you go.
  • Mega 1500 - The Mega 1500 is our largest full body panel which provides 1500 watts of targeted red light and infrared light. The device also has an integrated digital control panel with a modular design for customization. Our Mega 1500 is known for its healing and recovery benefits.

Our panels are all fully compliant and certified to the correct Australian electrical safety standards for light therapy devices. This is vital as the last thing you want when buying someone a gift is to cause more harm or damage.

Thousands of peer-reviewed clinical trials and studies show the effectiveness of light therapy, and the significant health benefits for skin, inflammation, joint pain and muscle recovery, better sleep quality, sexual performance, weight management, among many others.


Which gift is it going to be?

We know that it might be difficult to choose which gifts you’re going to get for your friends and family as we have a diverse range of products that provide several health benefits. All of our lovely gift ideas in this guide will make it easier for you to find something for everyone. From your parents, to your boyfriend, to your besties, including still-thoughtful last-minute gifts to put under the Christmas tree and fill up those Christmas stockings. So what’s it going to be this Christmas?

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