Blue Light Glasses For Kids 

Did you know children's eyes are more sensitive to blue light than adults? This is because up until the age of 15, their eyes are not yet fully-developed. Young pupils are larger and more transparent; this means their eyes are completely unprotected and take in much higher levels of high-energy,  blue light wavelengths. Overexposure to high frequency blue and green light from digital devices and artificial lighting may damage the development of a child's eyesight, disrupt their sleep, and lead to behavioural and learning disorders. 

For more information please read our article How Blue Light Is Impacting Your Child's Development, Health, & Sleep

Give your kids the best chance to succeed and excel at life by using our custom-designed Kids Blue Light Glasses. We have two types of blue light glasses in our kids range: ScreenTime Kids Computer Glasses for daytime use (which double up as reading, web browsing, and gaming glasses), and NightFall Kids Blue Blocking Glasses for night-time use.


Kids Computer Glasses for daytime

Our ScreenTime Kids Computer Glasses have been specifically designed to be used during the day when kids are under artificial light and working or playing on digital devices. These blue light glasses have our ClearBlue Signature Lenses, which allow the beneficial wavelengths of blue light responsible for positive mood, wakefulness, motivation, and high brain activity, whilst filtering out the blue light wavelengths that may cause headaches, digital eye strain, and eye fatigue.

The ClearBlue Lens technology filters blue light across the entire blue light spectrum by 50%, specifically targeting the exact wavelength of 455nm which is emitted from LED lighting and digital devices that kids use. Many other kids’ computer glasses don’t filter any blue light at 455nm, making them ineffective.

Keep your child protected from blue light when they play games, watch TV, read, or do just about anything during the day with these highly effective eye strain glasses that double up as gaming glasses!

Kids Blue Light Blocking Glasses for sleep

Our NightFall Kids Blue Blocking Glasses are designed to be used once the sun sets. These glasses feature our Nocturnal Red Lens, which blocks out 100% of blue and 100% of green light up to 550nm, making them the most effective kids blue blocking glasses available.

When kids are exposed to even small amounts of blue or green light after dark, a signal suggesting that it is still daytime is sent to their brains, alerting them to stay awake and alert. This daytime signal can supress melatonin levels, which then causes kids to have problems falling asleep, staying asleep, or both. Eliminating all blue and green light with our Kids Blue Light Blocking Glasses will assist them to have deep and restful sleep.