ScreenTime Computer Glasses (Clear Lens)

The ScreenTime Computer Glasses range are specifically designed to permit the good light responsible for alertness, mood, brain activity, and optimal health, whilst filtering the harmful artificial blue light that leads to digital eye strain, headaches, and macular degeneration.

Our unique filtering technology reduces blue light by 50% across the entire blue light spectrum, but more specifically, it targets blue light at the 455nm range and filters it by 50%; this is an important feature to look for when selecting a pair of computer glasses, as the strongest wavelength of light emitted from digital devices and LED lighting is exactly at 455nm. When it comes to blue light glasses for computer use that are on the market, if no details are provided about the exact wavelengths being filtered, it’s more than likely the computer glasses will not provide adequate blue light protection for daytime use. The ScreenTime glasses are perfect for people who require a clear lens with no colour alternation or distortion or are in often in social and office environments during the day.


DayMax Glasses (Yellow Lens)

The DayMax Glasses range provide the next level up on the computer glasses and give maximum protection against blue light during the daytime. These can often be described as light sensitivity glasses, gaming glasses, or mood bosting glasses.

The light yellow DayMax lenses use propriety filtering technology to specifically target and to block 100% of blue light in the lower range of the spectrum at 400 – 455nm; this is the most energetic and damaging light emitted from screens and modern lighting. The DayMax lens will still allow all the beneficial blue light through still which is in the higher part of the blue light spectrum from 455 - 500nm, this is the blue light that is essential during the day for optimal hormone production, energy, positive mood, and motivation. The DayMax is ideal for people who are light sensitive, on screens all day, regularly suffer from migraines and eye strain, or are prone to anxiety, depression, or low mood. These symptoms indicate the need greater protection against artificial blue light than our ScreenTime computer glasses can provide.


FAQ's for Daytime Glasses

What is the difference between the ScreenTime Clear lens and the DayMax yellow lens?

ScreenTime Clear Lens - These filter 50% of blue light across all of the blue light spectrum (400nm-500nm), this will help eliminate digital eye strain, sore and tired eyes, headaches/migraines, and blurred vision from both screen time and bright LED or fluorescent lighting.

More specifically they filter 50% of blue light right at 455 nanometers which is the most energetic, damaging light emitted from screens, LEDs, and other modern artificial lighting. By filtering 50% of blue light at 455nm makes our ScreenTime Computer Glasses the most effective clear lens computer glasses available

DayMax Yellow Lens - These filter 70% of blue light across all of the blue light spectrum (400nm-500nm), these provide maximum daytime protection and are prefect for people who are light sensitive or are on screens most of the day or under harsh artificial lighting all day.

More specifically they block 100% of blue light in the lower range of the spectrum at 400 – 455nm; this is the most energetic and damaging light emitted from screens and modern lighting. More importantly they still allow all the beneficial blue light through which is in the higher part of the blue light spectrum from 455 - 500nm, this light is essential for maintaining high energy, positive mood, and motivation.

How do BlockBlueLight's Daytime Computer Glasses compare to other computer glasses?

Our ScreenTime Computer Glasses filter 50% light ranging from 400 to 500 nanometers. What sets ours glasses apart from all the other computer glasses is our ClearBlue lens technology; this filters 50% of blue light at 455 nanometers, this is where the most energetic, damaging light emitted from screens, LED’s, and other modern artificial lighting; Most companies supplying clear blue blocking glasses are only blocking 5% - 15% of blue light and are not blocking any at the 455nm range where it matters the most!

We have specially designed our clear lenses in a unique way that the most harmful wave lengths of blue light are blocked which causes eye strain, headaches, migraines, and macular degeneration, and at the same time still providing crystal clear vision without any color distortion

We also have our DayMax Glasses range which provide even greater daytime protection. These have a light-yellow tint and block 100% of the harmful blue light emitted from screens and lighting, while still allowing the beneficial natural blue light through we need for energy and mood.

Why are there other computer glasses that are cheaper than BlockBlueLight's Daytime Glasses?

Many glasses that claim to be blue light blocking glasses on the market are just cheap glasses with an insufficient blue light reflective coating applied to them. These cheap glasses only filter anywhere from 5-15% of blue light which is not sufficient. No science has gone into creation of blue light lens to ensure its blocking blue light in line with peer reviewed academic literature.

All of BlockBlueLight's Blue Light Glasses are evidence based, science backed, and align with the academic research on blue light. We use a special pigment embedded into the lens which absorbs the blue light as it passes through (instead of just a basic reflective coating), this allows our ScreenTime clear lens computer glasses to filter 50% of blue light and specifically target 50% of blue light at 455nm, and our DayMax yellow lens to block 100% of the damaging blue light from 400-455nm, while still allowing all the beneficial blue light from 460 - 500nm through.

455nm is the most damaging wavelengths of blue light emitted from modern screens and lighting so a clear lens needs to be filtering this by at least 50%, and a yellow lens should be blocking 100% of this harmful blue light wavelength for maximum protection.

BlockBlueLight shows its lens reports for each lens on our website. Located under each individual product. No other company will show you their lens reports as they have something to hide, we do not and are happy to share these with you.

Can I use Daytime Glasses at night-time as well?

Daytime glasses will not be effective for use at night-time and will not provide any benefits for sleep. To be effective and help with sleep, night-time blue blocking glasses MUST block 100% of blue light, or even better would be 100% of blue and green light up to 550nm. This is because any amount of blue light at night is a signal to the brain that its daytime and the sun is up. Daytime glasses don’t block all blue light, they are only designed to filter it down to more natural daytime levels.

If you’re wanting to allow yourself to truly wind down and relax in the evening and then get deep and restful sleep, a pair of night-time blue blocking glasses is essential

How do your daytime computer glasses compare to prescription glasses coating optometrists offer?

Our daytime blue light computer glasses are very different to the add on blue light filter offered by optometrists to put on your prescription lenses. Our ScreenTime clear lens glasses filter blue light by 50% across the whole blue light spectrum and specifically target blue light at 455nm, and for greater protection or DayMax yellow lens completely blocks 100% of the damaging 455nm blue light spike, this is the peak wavelength of blue light emitted from screens and lighting, there is not many blue light glasses for daytime use on the market that do that.

Most computers glasses and coatings applied to prescription lenses filter blue light up to 430nm and none at 455nm so they are pretty useless! The problem with the filter on the prescription lenses if you ask the optometrist the specs of the filter they wouldn’t have a clue, they just call its a generic “blue light filter” with no details at all! I can guarantee you these won't be filtering any blue light past 430nm, as to filter past 430nm you need a pigment embedded in the lens to absorb the blue light, the coating they apply just reflects blue light and that type of coating cant reflect blue light past 430nm.

Not all blue light glasses are created equal so do your research before buying some to ensure they provide adequate protection.

I need to wear my reading or prescription glasses, do you have glasses to work with these?

Yes, we have our complete glasses range available in prescription glasses and readers glasses. We can make any custom prescription including progressive/varifocal lenses. On each glasses product page, there is a selector to choose prescription glasses, you then choose if you want single vision or progressive/multifocal lenses and whether you would like standard lenses or thin and light lenses. There is then a place for you to upload your script as well. Then checkout and place your order. From here our optics lab will take care of the rest getting you custom prescription glasses made for you.

Alternatively we have created our fit-over range of daytime blue light computer glasses which have been specifically designed for this reason. This allows you to put our lightweight fit-over glasses over the top of your glasses to provide you with the best blue light protection. You can continue to wear your existing reading or prescription glasses, and our fit-over glasses will nicely fit over them and provide maximum protection against blue light.