SunDown Glasses (Amber lens)

The SunDown range are designed and verified to block 100% of blue light. Using these glasses in the evening will increase melatonin levels and sleep quality. These are best worn 2-3 hours before bed for optimal results. The amber lens is an ideal option for people who are wanting a high quality premium 100% blue blocking lens, but prefer a lighter amber tint over the red lens to allow more colour perception in the evening hours.


NightFall Glasses (Red lens)

The NightFall range is the most powerful and premium lens available. These block 100% of blue light along with 100% of green light up to 550nm. Why green light? Well, green light is right next to blue on the visible light spectrum, and the melatonin disruption zone extends right into the green light spectrum. These glasses provide the most optimal blue (and green) light protection available to maximise sleep quality. The red lens is the best option for people struggling with poor sleep or insomnia, or are looking to maximise sleep quality as much as possible.


FAQs for Night-time glasses

What do Night-time sleep glasses do and how do they work?

BlockBlueLight's night-time sleep glasses have been specifically designed to block ALL the blue and green light wavelengths which are emitted from electronic devices and any artificial light sources. This includes smartphones, laptops, computer screens, LED and Plasma TVs, tablets, fluorescent lighting in offices and stores, and conventional LED lighting in homes.

This harmful blue and green light has been extensively researched, and has been proven to inhibit our body's ability to naturally produce melatonin, the brain's 'sleep hormone'.

When worn after the sun goes down, our night-time glasses block out ALL blue and green light, allowing your body to naturally wind down and prepare for sleep. This ensures you will fall asleep fast, stay sleep longer, and guarantees quality restful sleep.

BlockBlueLight's night-time sleep glasses give you the best of both worlds: you can still use phones, devices, tablets and watch your favourite TV shows, yet your sleep and health don't need to suffer. By effectively blocking blue and green light from a variety of sources you allow maximum melatonin production to occur, helping you to get the best night's sleep, and wake up full of energy.

What is the difference between the SunDown Amber lens and the NightFall Red lens?

NightFall Red Lenses - These block all light wavelengths of blue and green light up to 550nm. These are the exact wavelengths shown to most affect our internal clock, lower melatonin levels alter our sleep/wake cycle.

The NightFall Red Lenses not only block 100% of blue light but also all green light up to 550nm. Why block green light as well? Research and academic studies clearly show the green light emitted by modern electronic devices and light bulbs is also contributing to suppressing melatonin levels at night.

SunDown Amber Lens - The SunDown Amber lenses are an ideal option for people who are wanting a high quality premium blue blocking lens verified to block 100% of blue light, but prefer a lighter amber tint over our nightfall red lens.

The lighter amber tint allows for greater colour perception in the evening hours for a more pleasant viewing experience. These are a great option to use in the early evening while cooking dinner, watching TV, or out socialising.

Clear or yellow lenses are not sufficient for night use! - Any blue light lens that is clear or yellow will not be sufficient for night-time use. These types of lenses do not block enough of the blue light wavelengths to have positive impact on sleep and circadian rhythms. Even just a small amount of blue after dark will signal to the brain that it’s still daytime which in turn will suppress our sleep hormone melatonin from being released. This is why it’s extremely important to use a set of blue light glasses that have been verified to remove 100% of all the blue wavelengths or they will not be very effective at all.

How are BlockBlueLight's night-time sleep glasses better than other blue light glasses?

There are many blue light blocking glasses available on the market making all sorts of different claims. We know that this can make purchasing a quality pair overwhelming and very confusing!

All of BlockBlueLight's night-time glasses have been extensively researched, scientifically designed and manufactured specifically using the best technology to ensure ALL of the wavelengths of harmful blue and green light are both being removed. Our glasses block blue and green light in line with peer reviewed academic literature.

A lot of the orange or red-tinted blue light glasses being sold are just simply that, red and orange-tinted glasses. Often suppliers have not properly designed the lens to ensure it is actually blocking the correct wavelengths of blue light, with no research or testing in these products' development. If this is the case, you aren't likely to notice any significant changes or benefits from these types of lenses.

There are also many other brands of blue light glasses are being sold that have clear lenses yet are still claiming to block various sources of blue light. Typically, these lenses are really only filtering out very small amounts of blue light. Common clear lens blue light glasses will only really be capable of filtering around 10% - 20% of blue light - slightly beneficial for eye strain but they will not have any benefits in preserving melatonin and improving quality of sleep.

We have our lenses tested by a laboratory grade spectrometer to ensure we are producing the very best lenses which effectively block all blue light. You can see our lens testing reports here. We are confident that you won't find better quality blue light blocking glasses on the market.

Why are there other blue light glasses that are cheaper than BlockBlueLight's Sleep Glasses?

Many glasses that claim to be blue light blocking glasses on the market are just cheap glasses with an insufficient blue light reflective coating applied to them. These cheap glasses only filter anywhere from 5-15% of blue light. No science has gone into creation of blue light lens to ensure its blocking blue light in line with peer reviewed academic literature for sufficient protection.

BlockBlueLight's Blue Light Glasses are evidence based, science backed, and align with the academic research on blue light. We use a special pigment embedded into the lens which absorbs the blue light as it passes through (instead of just a basic reflective coating), this ensures our blue light lenses block 100% of all the blue and green light up to 550nm which is the exact wavelengths of light shown in the research to lower our melatonin levels and impact our sleep.

BlockBlueLight shows its lens reports for each lens on our website. Located under each individual product. No other company will show you their lens reports as they have something to hide, we do not and are happy to share these with you.

BlockBlueLight Glasses are also made with top quality acetate frames with spring hinges and top of the line optical grade CR-39 lenses . We are confident that you won't find better quality blue light blocking glasses on the market.

Can I use the Night-time glasses during the dayime as well?

We do not recommend using the night-time glasses during the day as this will create a circadian mismatch and will actually cause issues with sleep later in the evening. Using night-time glasses during the day with be very harmful and will actually be detrimental to your health. Let me give you a bit more detail as to why:

Our night-time glasses block 100% of blue light, and when your brain receives no blue light signals it assumes its night-time so it will start to prepare you for sleep even if it’s the middle of the day. So having these glasses on during the daytime will leave you feeling tired, unmotivated, sleepy, and your brain will be very confused as to what’s going on!

Overtime a lack of blue light during the day will lead to depression, anxiety, and low mood, so you want to make sure you’re not blocking it all out during the day!

We need healthy amounts of blue light during the day as its responsible for making us feel awake, motivated and alert. The issue we have is we get far too much blue light during the day as modern lighting, screens, and devices, as they emit very unnatural levels of blue light, so we need to bring it back into balance and that’s were our daytime glasses help.

Our daytime glasses allow the healthy wavelengths of blue light through to allow you to feel awake and alert, and filter down the harmful wavelengths that cause eye damage, headaches, and eye strain.

The key here is to target the exact wavelengths of blue light that lighting and screens emit the most, this is 455nm. Our glasses have been designed to filter the 455nm range of blue light by 50% with our ScreenTime clear lens, and 100% with our DayMax yellow lens, whereas most daytime blue light glasses will only filter blue light up to 430nm, and filter none at all at 455nm making them very ineffective!

So be sure to look for the exact specifications of blue light filtering when getting daytime glasses.

Then at night-time we need to make sure we block ALL blue light, as any amount getting through is enough of a signal to the brain that it’s still daytime, so our sleep hormone melatonin will be suppressed and you will have lower sleep quality, trouble falling asleep, or staying asleep, or all of these issues. So ensuring the glasses you use are blocking 100% of blue light is key for night-time!

When Should I wear the Night-time sleep glasses?

Once the sun has set and your being exposed to any artificial light source we strongly recommend wearing our night-time blue light glasses.

These glasses should stay on from the point of sunset up until going to bed. This allows your brain to recognise that its night-time and to start to wind down for sleep, this cannot happen in the presence of any blue or green light.

Wearing the night-time glasses as soon as it gets dark will ensure maximum melatonin release which will then ensure you obtain deepest and most restful sleep.

I need to wear my reading or prescription glasses; do you have glasses to work with these?

Yes, we have our complete glasses range available in prescription glasses and readers glasses. We can make any custom prescription including progressive/varifocal lenses. On each glasses product page, there is a selector to choose prescription glasses, you then choose if you want single vision or progressive/multifocal lenses and whether you would like standard lenses or thin and light lenses. There is then a place for you to upload your script as well. Then checkout and place your order. From here our optics lab will take care of the rest getting you custom prescription glasses made for you.

Alternatively we have created our fit-over range of daytime blue light computer glasses which have been specifically designed for this reason. This allows you to put our lightweight fit-over glasses over the top of your glasses to provide you with the best blue light protection. You can continue to wear your existing reading or prescription glasses, and our fit-over glasses will nicely fit over them and provide maximum protection against blue light.